Welcome to innoVitro, where innovation meets precision in the field of drug development. Our mission is to revolutionize preclinical pharmaceutical research by providing cutting-edge cell-based assay services.

At innoVitro, we’re dedicated to harnessing the power of cellular analysis to propel drug discovery and development forward. Our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in every aspect of our services. Therefore we combine advanced technologies and our expert scientific knowledge to provide tailored research solutions. Finally each project is carried out as end-to-end study report in less than two months in order to keep your project timeline.

Our set of cell-based assays offers comprehensive insights into drug efficacy, toxicity, and mechanism of action. Hence, empowering you to make informed decisions at every stage of preclinical drug development. Our team of professionals ensures that your projects receive the utmost attention to detail and precision, so that we can deliver results you can trust.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We partner with pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and biotech companies, fostering synergies that drive breakthroughs in therapeutic development. Together, we’re shaping the future of medicine, one cell-based assay at a time.

Join us in our quest to transform the landscape of preclinical pharmaceutical research. Explore the possibilities with innoVitro, where innovation and excellence converge to redefine possibilities in drug discovery and development.

Executive Team

Matthias Gossmann PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Matthias holds a biotechnology degree and a doctorate in chemistry. His work dates back to 2008 when he initiated the groundbreaking CellDrum technology, a precursor to the FLEXcyte technology, primarily dedicated to academic exploration. During his doctoral thesis, Matthias further elevated CellDrum into an industrial demonstrator, laying the foundation for todays FLEXcyte instrument. His tenure as a senior scientist at Axiogenesis AG marked a pivotal phase where he accomplished the integration of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes onto the CellDrum, marking a substantial stride towards replacing animal cells in research.

Matthias’ dedication and expertise turned him towards the field of business development, finally culminating in his co-founding role at innoVitro GmbH. This endeavor crystallizes his commitment to translating scientific advancements into tangible solutions, hence bridging the gap between pioneering technology and real-world applications.

Peter Linder, MSc

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Peter’s pioneering work of the CellDrum during his diploma thesis in the field of biomedical technology laid the foundation for todays FLEXcyte technology. He further pursued a Master of Science in collaboration with the University Hospital of Cologne to expand his interdisciplinary skills.

His professional trajectory encompasses diverse horizons, including impactful project engagements in aerospace technology. Currently, while pursuing his doctorate at III. Physical Institute B at RWTH Aachen University, Peter is instrumental in steering hardware and software development, employing his technical knowhow to advance the company’s technological frontiers. Simultaneously, his adeptness extends to overseeing laboratory operations, embodying a holistic approach to innovation and management within the company.

Bettina Lickiss, PhD

BD & Scientific Communications Manager, Co-Founder

Holding a diploma in biology and a doctorate in neurobiology, Bettina has joined the innoVitro team in 2019. Before becoming the driving force behind scientific communications and business development initiatives, Bettina gained her biotechnology expertise during her tenure as a scientist in a stem cell biology company (Axiogenesis AG). At that time, the focus laid on use of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and other cell types as human-based cell models for preclinical research purposes. Bettina’s work is a testament to her deep-rooted understanding of this specialized field, laying a robust foundation for her impactful role at innoVitro GmbH.

Jan Hunker, MSc

Development Engineer & Lab Head

Since 2021, Jan has been an invaluable addition to the innoVitro team. By lending his expertise to support pivotal lab and IT projects, he is focused on advancing hardware and software development. A distinguished graduate holding a Master of Science (M.Sc.) from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Jan’s academic skill set lies within the fields of biomedical engineering and laboratory operations. His specialization in machine learning underscores his proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation at innoVitro’s R&D department.


The innoVitro team collaborates as a vital member of the HESI Cardiac Safety Technical Committee — a dynamic consortium comprising pharmaceutical companies, technology providers, regulatory authorities, and universities. This influential alliance is dedicated to assessing cutting-edge technologies in order to advance cardiac safety evaluations.

At the heart of the HESI Committee lies the mission of enhancing public health by mitigating unforeseen cardiovascular-related side effects caused by drugs or chemicals. In order to foster the early detection and prediction of cardiovascular toxicology and pathobiology, the focus of the committee lies on the development of pioneering methodologies.

innoVitro is part of the HESI Cardiac Safety Technical Committee

innoVitro stands as member of the Botanical Safety Consortium (BSC).

The BSC serves as a collaborative platform uniting scientists from diverse fields including consumer health groups, academia, industry, non-profits, and governmental entities. These members work synergistically to amalgamate existing safety data and advanced toxicology tools for a comprehensive evaluation of botanical safety.

Their research and collaboration leads to the formulation of informed recommendations. Hence, these recommendations are pivotal in fortifying the botanical safety toolkit and offering clarity to manufacturers and regulators engaged in assessing botanical dietary ingredients. The BSC’s dedication lies in enhancing safety protocols and harmonizing botanical assessments for the betterment of consumers and the industry alike.

innoVitro is member of Botanical Safety Consortium