Cardiac Viability Assay

Experience our cardiac viability assay designed to evaluate cellular changes triggered by compounds or immune cell-induced structural toxicity within a high-throughput 96-well system.

Utilizing electrical impedance spectroscopy, our cutting-edge CardioExcyte 96 module offers real-time insights into cell and monolayer integrity changes. This innovative technology enables the monitoring of acute and chronic cell activity of cardiomyocytes and other cell types, providing a dynamic measure of cellular responses over time to evaluate:

Cell Adhesion and Proliferation

Cell Monitoring


Car-T induced Cellular Effects

Access a thorough assessment of cellular changes with this comprehensive approach by merging cellular dynamics analysis with simultaneous precise MEA-like Electric Field Potential (EFP) recordings.

Our expert team collaborates closely with each client to custom-design every service, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific research needs. We conduct rapid and comprehensive analyses of impedance and EFP recordings, by leveraging our advanced software. Within a streamlined process, these analyses consolidate in a detailed end-to-end study report delivered in less than six weeks.

The CiPA consortium has rigorously validated and applied impedance methodology to evaluate compound-induced changes in cellular behavior within human-based cell models. Hence, this CardioExcyte 96-based cardiac viability service fascilitates valuable preclinical risk assessments.

Study timeline of the cardiac viability assay service.

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