Live-Cell Analytics Assay

Take advantage of the comprehensive insights of our phenotypic AtlaZ live-cell analytics service, unraveling the complete spectrum of cellular responses through label-free, real-time monitoring.

Harnessing the power of the AtlaZ system, we expedite your research by investigating the compound-induced effects of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, vector-based, or immune therapeutics at cellular level using impedance technology. Our platform facilitates the analysis of a diverse range of cellular features over several weeks. These recodings can be performed simultaneously or independently, across 576 wells, empowering a thorough exploration of:

GPCR Analysis

Transepithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER)

Cell Adhesion and Proliferation

Cell Monitoring



Car-T induced Cellular Effects

To ensure tailored solutions that meet specific research needs, our expert team collaborates closely with each client to custom-design every service. We conduct rapid and quantitative impedance recordings by leveraging our advanced software. Within a streamlined process, these analyses consolidate in a detailed end-to-end study report delivered in less than eight weeks.

The CiPA consortium has rigorously validated and applied impedance methodology to evaluate compound-induced changes in cellular behavior within human-based cell models. Therefore, the AtlaZ live-cell analytics service facilitates valuable cellular insights essential for the assessment of drug discovery and preclinical projects.

Study timeline of teh quantitative AtlaZ live-cell analytics service.

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