Cardiac Contractility Assay

Experience our comprehensive cardiovascular contractility service, powered by the FLEXcyte 96 technology, designed to analyze the functional performance of contractile cells.

By harnessing human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and smooth muscle cells (SMCs) along other contractile cell types, this innovative platform facilitates predictive in vitro analysis. Enhance the depth and accuracy of your studies with this exceptional opportunity to recreate human-based cardiovascular conditions in a physiological environment.

Tailoring this contractility assay with stimulation approaches based on your research needs further allows for addressing diverse cardiac-related concerns, such as hypertension, maturation, and replication of the Frank-Starling mechanism.

Our expert team collaborates closely with each client to custom-design every service, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific research needs. We conduct rapid and comprehensive analyses of contractility recordings, by leveraging our advanced software. Within a streamlined process, these analyses consolidate in a detailed end-to-end study report delivered in less than six weeks.

Study timeline of the cardiac contractility assay service.

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As active members of the HESI Cardiac Safety Technical Committee, we play an integral role in an association committed to minimizing drug-related cardiovascular side effects. Within this group, we contribute significantly to the evaluation of chronic cardiac risks through the utilization of FLEXcyte technology as part of the Hesi Stem Cell Working Group.